International Children’s Day in Almaty – June 1

The International Children’s Day on first of june is celebrated with several open air festivals in the countries of the former Soviet Union. On my first Uzbekistan trip nine years ago I stayed in Chiva on this day and I remember that the city was overcrowed with families with children doing a trip to the ancient city on that day. Yesterday I could see how this day was celebrated here in Almaty.

In the morning time there was a loud move in the area of the Zhibek Zholy pedestrian area.

Uyghur friends had informed me that there is an exhibition of the Uyghur painter Maris Khitahunov in the Central Museum. Of course I wanted to see the exhibition and went to the museum. The International Children’s Day was also celebrated there as part of the exhibition opening. Uyghur singers and children’s dancing groups performed. I was especially pleased to meet the well-knows Uyghur artist Hashim Kurban there. Unfortunately I got to know that the Uyghur Theater is closed for another year for restauration. A visit in the theater was always a fixture of my Almaty visits.

As conclusion and highlight of a beautiful day, there was a performance of the „Steppe Sons“ as part of a celebration outside the center.

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