Almaty – meeting with Tokzhan Karatai

It was a great pleasure for me directly after arriving to Almaty to meet with Tokzhan Karatai. She is working with the Artischok Theatre in a very interesting project and right that time was in the small stage of the theater which is located in the same block as I am usually staying when I am in Almaty. So it was a good opportunity to meet and also to discuss about more than one project idea.

I am very happy to say that Tokzhan agreed to become member of KultEurasia and will start to write blogs and articles on our website. We are looking forward to.


The Artischok theatre has two stages. The big stage in Gogol str, 40 in the Panfilov Park which was opened a few years ago and the small stage in Kunaev 49 / 68 which was established already in 2001. Artischok presents some of the most innovative performances in Kazakhstan. It sets accents with improvisation and interactive pieces as well as pantomime. The theater has won awards at international theatrical festivals across Europe, Russia and Central Asia.

Tokzhan Karatai is musician and main actor in the chamber opera Er-Tostik, which is based on a kazakh national fairy tale. The opera was composed by the russian composer Alexander Manotskov. Er-Tostik was brought to stage by Artischok. It will be in the program next time on june 13. Later the ensemble will go to Russia to perform in South Sakhalin.


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