«Muras» ensemble

«Muras» ensemble

The »Muras» is a music ensemble from Bishkek [Kyrgyzstan]. The group brought together multi-instrumental musicians playing instruments such as: Komuz, kyl-kyak, choir, sybyzgy, chopo-choor, temir ooz-komuz, zhygach ooz-komuz, dobulbas. 

Members of «Muras»

  • Sherkul Sherik
    uulu – wind instruments, komuz, temir ooz-komuz, zhygach ooz-komuz;
  • Temirlan Sovet
    uulu – wind instruments, temir ooz-komuz, zhygach ooz-komuz;
  • Emilbek Ishenbek
    uulu – kyl-kyak, komuz, temir ooz-komuz, zhygach ooz-komuz;
  • Aisaana Omorova
    – komuz, vocal, temir ooz-komuz, zhygach ooz-komuz;
  • Akay Aydaraliyev
    – drums.

The basis of the ensemble’s repertoire is the traditional music of the Kyrgyz people. «Muras» is trying to preserve all the richness of Kyrgyz folk music, but at the same time, modernize it for our time. The goal of this project is to promote Kyrgyz traditional music, preserve and promote their culture.

The «Muras» ensemble was created 2 years ago. During this time they managed to take part in several international festivals, such as: „The Second International Music Festival of Mohammad Rasulallah” in Iran, „Sharq Taronalari” in Uzbekistan, where among 58 countries of the world, we took 2nd place. Performed with concerts in Germany, South Korea, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, etc.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/murasensemble?igshid=8jjmtg7q7mzv


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