Metal carving by Anvar Kurbanov

IMG_20200202_142319Hello dear friends, now in Bukhara there is no tourist season but for us masters it is a very busy time as we are working on new designs of plates. We like this as our work is coming from our heart. I want to give you some information about my work. For the moment I am carving a beautiful flower. But before I start to work on the metal plate I should find the center of it with a special tool, the caliper. Then l divide the plates into parts. I will draw the design on graph paper, later transfer it from graph paper to calk paper and using carbon paper l transfer the pattern on a plate. As soon as I transfer all the patterns I will start minting the plate with a hammer and an iron pencil. The working time required for a plate depends on the delicacy and complexity of the pattern. After the carving is finished, I clean and polish and finally apply cold enamel as a glaze.


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