Nazokats COVID-Project – Quroq weaving

Nazokat Sobirova is a very committed young woman. She devotes all of her energy to preserving the traditional wealth of patterns and weaving techniques of her homeland Boysun in the Uzbek province of Surkhandarya.

To do this, she visits elderly women in the most remote villages to learns from them. She then passes this knowledge on to the women who are taught by her.

She has her own shop where she sells her very special products. In the book “Inpired by Centuries” about handicrafts in Uzbekistan you can find an article about Nazokat and her work.

The Culturual space of Boysun district was insribed to the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2008. Boysun is located in the Hissar Mountains in the South-east of Uzbekistan and belongs to the oldest inhabited areas of Central Asia. As the importance of the historic Silk Road waned, the region became more and more isolated. As a result, ancient traditions and rituals survived.

Since my first trip to Uzbekistan in 2010, Boysun has been one of the regions of Uzbekistan that I am most interested in. On my last trip I met Nazokat Sobirova and I am very impressed with her and her tireless commitment.

During the difficult time of Corona, she undertook a special project: the weaving of a 33 meter long and 3.5 meter wide Quroq. Qurog is the name of the region’s traditional patchwork technique. Nazokats purpose is restoring the disappearing national type and modernization of ancient Quroq.

Nazokat says: “Each line of Quroq has its own meaning and history. If we don’t pass it on next generation this art will disappear.” And her COVID-Quroq-Project has also a social aspect. She started the project with a group of 15 unemployed women. What they needed was just needles, sewing machines, a small type of looms and a lot of engagement and power.

Please contact us if you want to know more about Nazokat Sobirova or want to support her work:

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