Tajik Restaurant Plovhaus in Vienna

The Restaurant Plovhaus brings authentic Tajik cuisine to Vienna, the heart of Europe! Many of the tasty dishes on the menu plan are not only prepared in Tajikistan, the homeland of the owner Abdulla Turaev, but with variations in all Central Asian countries.

In Plovhaus you can not only enjoy Tajik cuisine at a high level, but also experience Tajik hospitality and culture. Everything is authentic here, from the way they serve customers, to the interior design, to the dishes and even the kitchen equipment. Experience the ancient and rich culture of Tajikistan in the heart of Europe. While the guest enjoys the Tajik food, the door to Central Asia opens to him/her at the same time.

Of course, the development of this region along the historic Silk Road was not linear. It is characterized by the encounter and mixing of different cultures, mutual adaptation as well as enrichment and further development that are based on it. Of course, this turbulent history has also influenced Tajik cuisine and the composition of the dishes on the Tajik table, giving them the richness that you can find on the menu today.

Bringing the Tajik culture closer to the people in Austria through Tajik food is a good way to draw attention and interest in and present an exciting country that is unfortunately still little known in Europe. A visit to the Plovhaus restaurant makes you want to get to know Tajikistan better.

Therefore, „Plovhaus“ is not just a restaurant, but a small entry into a big culture. Because of this, in a city far from Tajikistan, a guest enters the Tajik world by entering „Plovhaus“, and along with the food, he will also experience spiritual growth. Experience the ancient and rich culture of Tajikistan in the heart of Europe.

The Plovhaus Restaurant is the ideal place for our association to open our Tajikistan Culture Festival in early May.

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