The „Sargfabrik“

The history of our association KultEurasia is closely linked to the Culture House Sargfabrik. A successful concert with the Shodlik Ensemble from Uzbekistan at Sargfabrik in spring 2016 – at that time still privately organized by Daniela Lieberwirth – was an important step on the way to founding the association at the end of 2017. Since then, some musical highlight projects of KultEurasia have taken place in the „Sargfabrik“. Also for the Tajikistan Culture Festival we have chosen „Sargfabrik“ as the main venue.

Many thanks to Annabella Supper and Lukas Handle for good cooperations and great support of our work!

But the Culture House is only one component of the overall concept of the “Sargfabrik”. The orange façade is the first indication that things are different here.

With its cultural and social facilities, „Sargfabrik“ is a meeting point for people of different ages and backgrounds. In the mid-1980s, the project was initiated by a group of engaged persons in response to an expensive housing market that offered options suited primarily for the nuclear family model. The aim of the group was to create a co-housing complex for different communal living models and a venue for cultural activities. They founded the Association for Inclusive Living. 1996 the vision of open and self-defined communal living became reality, and a social experiment was turned into a lively urban residential project with social and cultural aspirations.

This non-profit project in the Matzner Quarter (Matznerviertel) in the 14th district of Vienna features a space for children, a space for culture and seminars, a café and restaurant, a spa and pool, a roof-top garden, spacious common areas including a library, communal kitchen and dining area, laundry rooms, and more. Our association headquater lies in 10 minutes walking distance to „Sargfabrik“.

For realising the project the former largest coffin factory of the Austro-Hungarian Empire “Maschner & Söhne”, which was founded at the end of the 19th century and produced coffins until 1970, was purchased.

A former apartment building at Matznergasse 8 was renovated and integrated into the cohousing complex as well. The „Sargfabrik“ won several architectural awards.

Photos: Felix Vollmann

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