24. April 2021: International Zoom Conference on the rich culture of Central Asia and the South Caucasus

13:00 Central European time, 15:00 Baku time, 16:00 Tashkent time, 17:00 Almaty time

Main language of the conference is English.

Together with speakers and artists from seven countries we want to give an impression of the rich culture of Central Asia and the South Caucasus. The spectrum of the contributions ranges from handicrafts to painting to music.

For participating in this free event, please contact us by E-Mail: kulteurasia@gmail.com.

Raushan Orazbaeva: Kyl Kobyz Player from Nur-Sultan/Kazakhstan

Won national and international competitions and performed in numerous concert halls around the world. Teaches at the Kazakh National  University of Arts in Astana and has a wide repertoire of pieces by famous early composers as well as contemporary ones. She also plays her own compositions. Detailed information about Raushan Orazbaeva you can find here: https://kulteurasiaen.wordpress.com/raushan-orazbaeva/

Dilorom Mamedowa: Painter from Tashkent/Uzbekistan

Member of the Association of Young Artists since 1998 and of the Creators Union of Artists of the Academy of Art of Uzbekistan since 2003. Since 2000 numerous national and international personal exhibitions and participitation in exhibitions. Detailed information about Dilorom Mamedowa you can find here: https://kulteurasiaen.wordpress.com/dilorom-mamedowa/

Zukhra Istibai: Kyl Kobyz Player from Almaty/Kazakhstan

Professional musician. She plays Kyl Kobyz and Shan Kobyz. (Jew’s Harp). She toured with concerts in Russia and Europe as a member of the national orchestra „Otrar Sazy”. She is also Psychologist and has developed an Art-training with musical instruments on the basis of improvisation. Detailed information about Zukhra Istibai you can find here: Zukhra Istibai

Nurmoldin Syrym: Dombra Player from Almaty/Kazakhstan

Senior lecturer of the Department of „Traditional Musical Art“ of the Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after T. Zhurgenov. Professional Dombrist. Laureate of National and International competitions. International concert tours. Detailed information about Nurmoldin Syryum you can find here: Nurmoldin Syrym

Anvar Kurbanov: Master of Metal Chiselling form Bukhara/Uzbekistan

Since childhood Anvar was fascinated by the work of metal chasing and after school he watched a famous master who later became his mentor. He now has his own workshop. It is important for him to keep developing and discovering new aspects of his craft. Member of KultEurasia. Detailed information about Anvar Kurbanov you can find here: https://kulteurasiaen.wordpress.com/anvar-kurbanov/

Ümüt Muratbekova: Komuz Player from Kyrgyzstan

Born in Tashkumyr (Kyrgyzstan) and living in Vienna now. She has been taking Komuz lessons since her childhood. The Komuz is a three-string plucked instrument made from one piece of wood. In Vienna she has already performed at various cultural events. Member of KultEurasia. Detailed information about Ümüt Muratbekova you can find here: https://kulteurasiaen.wordpress.com/uemuet-muratbekova/

Feruz Temirov: Miniature Painter from Bukhara/Uzbekistan

Master of miniature painting, engraving, water colours and oil painting since 2003. His miniature works achieved popularity not only in Uzbekistan but also abroad. Presented the Uzbek miniature painting at numerous exhibitions abroad: Member of KultEurasia. Detailed information about Feruz Temirov you can find here: https://kulteurasiaen.wordpress.com/temirov-feruz-umedovich/

Nigina Ikromi: National Handicraft Consultant from Dushanbe/Tajikistan

Chairman PO Creative Development of Tajikistan. 10 years of working experience on supporting and developing of small business on handicraft sector. Strategic sectorial development. Successful multi-disciplinary team coordinator. Working with International and National Institutions.

Meimankhan Beken: Ethnomusicologist and Musicologist from Almaty/Kazakhstan

Attended the Akhmet Zhubanov music school for talented children in her hometown Almaty. Later she studied ethnomusicology and musicology at the Kurmangazi Conservatory in Almaty. Living in Vienna / Austria now. She plays various traditional Kazakh musical instruments. Detailed information about Meimankhan Beken you can find here: https://kulteurasiaen.wordpress.com/meimankhan-beken/

Shukurillo Kamalov: Traditional Blacksmith from Bukhara/Uzbekistan

The heritage of this craft is handed over from one generation to the next. Shukurillo Kamolov represents the 4th generation of blacksmiths in his family. He has learned all the secrets of the family craft from his father. Detailed information about Shukurillo Kamalov you can find here: https://kulteurasiaen.wordpress.com/kamolov-shukurillo/

Katja Daniela Hillebrand: Central Asian Dancer

Katja Daniela Hillebrand has been interested in the music and dance of Central Asia since she was a child. Her repertoire includes dances from Khorezm, Fergana, Bukhara and Surkhandaria in Uzbekistan, but also Uighur, Afghan and Persian dances as well as dances from Tajikistan and Azerbaijan. Detailed information about Katja Daniela Hillebrand you can find here: https://kulteurasiaen.wordpress.com/katja-daniela-hillebrand/

Rustam Muzafarov: Master of Ceramics from Shahrisabz/Uzbekistan

Ceramic master in the 7th generation. Participated in several national and international exhibitions. Each Ceramic School has its own style. Shahrisabz ceramic attracts spectators with an orange basis colour which is reminding on sun and fire. Detailed information about Rustam Muzafarov you can find here: https://kulteurasiaen.wordpress.com/rustam-muzafarov-flame-pottery-from-shahrisabz/

Sahib Pashazade: Tar Virtuoso from Baku/Azerbaijan

Honored Artist of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Gave numerous concerts around the world. In 2017, he won the Grand Prix among 60 countries at the 11th world famous Sharq Taronalari festival in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, the first instrumentalist in the history of the festival to receive the Grand Prix. 1st place at the 1st International MACOM Festival in Uzbekistan, Shakhrisabz. Detailed information about Sahib Pashazade you can find here: https://kulteurasiaen.wordpress.com/sahib-pashazade/

Chingis Azydov: Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vanishing Languages and Cultural Heritage

Researcher of Oirat-Kalmyk folklore. Works for documentation of Oirat-Kalmyk language and culture and publication of field work materials at Commission VLACH website: https://www.oeaw.ac.at/vlach/

Aidana Madyar: Musician from Almaty/Kazakhstan. Initiator and Organizer of this event.

Started her musical education at the age of 6. During her studies she took part in national and international competitions and won numerous medals. She is currently studying flute in Vienna. Participates in master classes and concerts, both as a soloist and as a member of the ensemble. Member of KultEurasia. Detailed information about Aidana Madyar you can find here: https://kulteurasiaen.wordpress.com/aidana-madyar/

Marwayit Hapiz: Uyghur Painter

Born in Hami / Xinjiang (China) and living in Munich as a freelance artist since 1996. Studied at State Art School in Urumchi (main subject painting) and Academy of Fine Arts at the National University in Lanzhou. Her drawings and oil paintings are inspired by the people, nature and cities of her homeland. Detailed information about Marwayit Hapiz you can find here: https://kulteurasiaen.wordpress.com/marwayit-hapiz/

Onon Muren: Musician from Inner Mongolia/China

Studied jazz theory, arrangements and composition at the Jam Music Lab University Vienna as well as composition, Morin Khuur (matouqin or horse head violin) and Mongolian Sanxian (3-string long-necked lute) at the University of Arts in Inner Mongolia. Various solo appearances with the horse head violin. Member of KultEurasia. Detailed information about Onon Muren you can find here: https://kulteurasiaen.wordpress.com/onon-muren/

Zinaida Hierzer: Silk Road Marionettes, Tashkent/Uzbekistan

At Nawruz 2014, the first and only Central Asian marionette theater “Silk Route Marionettes” opened its doors in Tashkent. The first own piece was „Aladin and his magic lamp“. Until today all productions are masterpieces of the team: From production of the puppets, sound, decorations to light recordings – everything is produced in their own studio. Detailed information in Russian language you can find on the website of the theatre: http://marionettesuz.mozello.com/. Our blog gives insides into the history of origin, which is closely connected with Vienna: https://kulteurasia.org/2019/04/24/besuch-beim-marionettentheater-in-tashkent-silk-route-marionettes/

Andrea Mächler: Silkroad Designs

Today the image of the West about the Orient is often distorted by one-sided media coverage. The vision of Silkroad Designs is to arouse real interest in these regions of the world and to convey a differentiated image. The products of Silkroad Designs reflect the beauty and the rich cultural heritage of the countries along the Silk Road. https://silkroaddesigns.ch/https://silkroaddesigns.ch/

Aida Zhakhanbek: Kazakh musician

Multi-instrumentalist and singer from Kazakhstan. As well as dombra, she plays a variety of other Kazakh folk instruments including jetigen, sazsyrnai, shankobyz, kylkobyz and percussion. Aida is a founding member of the ethno-folk duo ‘Kos arna’ and enjoys exploring different musical traditions and styles. Detailed information about Aida Zhakhanbek you can find here: Aida Zhakhanbek

Daniela Lieberwirth: Founder and Chairwoman of KultEurasia. Organizer and Moderator of this event.

Has been traveling to the region regularly since 2010, giving lectures and organizing cultural events with artists from Central Asia and the South Caucasus. On her travels she does research, maintains existing contacts and builds up a cross-border network of individuals and organizations that cooperate with each other.