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Alim Adilov was born in Tashkent/Uzbekistan and is located now in Budapest/Hungary.


During his elementary school he was enrolled to the best drawing course in the city. In 1979 he started the secondary art school. Among his teachers the Corean Emil-Ki-Gajt, who did several successfull book illustrations.

He graduated at the famous Rjepin Art Academy where he had teachers like the internationally reputed Vitrugatszkij and Mojszenko.


In England he worked as a designer at a big company before starting to work individually.

1991: Successfull exhibition at Sloan Square galery. All his paintings were purchased in one.

In Hungary soon he became popular. He was the regular invited member of the art camps in Zalaszentgyörgy, Bekes and several international camps.

His style is rather orientalistic coming from his uzbek origin but he goes often to the Hungarian National Gallery to get impulses. He is a member of the Hungarian Art Association. Favourable, he works on those topics he experienced on this journey: Cities, landscapes, houses but also portraits. He is under the influence of colours, without them he can not reflect the 1000 faces of the world.

To define his style: classical realist, but with some impressionist effects too. He uses acrill and oil, helping us to imagine his place of birth: amazing landscapes, cities and people.

Some of his works:


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