Boysun Folklore Ensemble

1986 the Boysun Folk – Ethnographic club was found on the basis of the Cultural center of the Boysun region.

In 1987 two films were produced unter he program of the Boysun club: in May- June the film – concert „Boysumda qor eriganda“ („When it is snowing in Boysun“) in June- July – „Unitilgan ohanglar“ („Forgotten Songs“).

IMG_34961987 the Uzbek Ministry of Culture awarded the Boysun club with the status of the National Ensemble.

1990 August – September the Ensemble visited and performed in 11 cities of Great Britain.

2001 the UNESCO grants the Boysun cultural area the title „Intangible World Cultural Heritage“. From 2002 until 2006 the Boysun Bahori festival was successfull organized yearly. Since 2017 the festival was revived.

The Boysun Folklore Ensemble participated two times in the Silk and Spices International Festival .


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