Cheinesh Baitushkina

Cheinesh Baitushkina was born in far-away Ulagan region among small ethnic group called “telengites”.

Cheinesh is a master of the deep-throat guttural singing called Kai.

Guttural singing is a unique vocal technique native to the Sayan-Altai region of Siberia. The originality of this art is that singer sings two-three notes simultaneously, making this way peculiar two-three-voice solo.
Cheinesh is one of the few female artists of guttural singing who practices all basic techniques, performs in four singing styles („karkyra“, „sygyt“, „sybyski“ and „koomei“).

Image634-A4 (3).jpgShe plays such traditional musical instruments as a two stringed plucked instrument called „topshur“, a jaw harp and a traditional „dry hotwind“ flute called „shouor“.

She is the award winner of the international festival „Sayan Ring 2007“, the winner of „Golden Iria“ contest in „Vocal solo“ category, has participated in international festivals of France, Norway, Poland, Hungary, America, Turkey and England.

In 2009 she has won the title of “Absolute champion” in “Original art” category in Hollywood, USA, at the International Arts Championship, where she has took 3 gold and 1 bronze medals.

Cheinesh is a graduate of the Schepkin theatre school, and also a professional movie andImage658-A4 (1) theatre actor.

Cheinesh has recorded sound tracks for movies, including:
• „Difficulty of being God“, director A. German
• „Wind man“, director H. Akhmet

She also writes movie scripts, poetry, stories in Russian and in Telengite languages.

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