Exhibition of Dilorom Mamedova -„«В искусстве-жизнь»“ in Autograph art gallery in Tashkent

2018-09-25 Dilorom.jpg

Within the framework of the exhibition there will be a presentation of the catalog, and visitors will also be surprised by the organizers of the exhibition.

The opening will take place on September 25 at 18:30.

Free admission

Atatürk Street, house 1 (Mirobad district) on the map
Landmark: Russian Drama Theater, TC Orzu (formerly Demir), Li-Ning

Phones for information: (+998) 71-203-0033, (+998) 71-203-0034.

Works of the artist are presented in many countries of the world. Her exhibitions were held in China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belgium, Kyrgyzstan.

Bright, original and colorful artist Dilorom Mamedova every time causes genuine interest in connoisseurs of fine art. The purpose of the exhibition is to present the work of the painter, who is in constant and inspired search for new ideas and aspirations, whose works have been actively exhibited in foreign countries in recent years, are bought in museum collections, private galleries and collectors.

2018-09-25 Dilorom-1.jpg

ул. Ататюрк, дом 1 (Миробадский р-н) на карте

Ориентир: Русский драматический театр, ТЦ Orzu (бывший Demir), Li-Ning