Hagop Goudsouzian

Hagop Goudsouzian is a Canadian-Armenian filmmaker with a passion for exploring cultural roots and identity.

He traveled to Armenia in pursuit of his dream, in search of the soul of Armenian music. Through a series of chance encounters he goes to a concert at the Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall in Yerevan to see the Sayat-Nova Minstrel Song Ensemble and the performances of some of the most renowned Minstrels in Armenia. Stunned by the beauty of their music and their professionalism he embarks on an unprecedented musical journey.

KultEurasia IMG_9163_TYPE2-01b.jpgHe then continues his filming with Armenian Echoes (in three parts,) Apricot Armenian Gold and other documentaries.

In partnership with TVOntario TFO, he has produced and directed a number of television series for children, from concert series to inspirational documentaries for children.

As a self-financed producer-director Hagop Goudsouzian realized 10 Armenian content documentaries and three shorts.

Detailed information about his films can be found on his website: www.HagopGoudsouzian.com

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