art duo ZITABL



Zitta Sultanbaeva & Ablikim Akmullaev

located in Almaty (Kazahkstan)

Sphere of artist activity: Contemporary, graphic and video art, photography, poetry, art criticism, music
Since  1998, the art duo ZITABL of Ablikim and Zitta creates experimental films such as Asian Route, Media-Aitys, Dasha and others.
Since 2002, participation in numerous international exhibitions and art festivals

Zitta Sultanbaeva

Artist (contemporary and graphic art), poet, art critic, journalist

Born 1964 in Alma-Ata

Alma-Ata Art School, 1984
State Theatre and Art Institute, 1989
1984-1987, student at the Kazakhfilm Studio’s Script Workshop
Since 1993, participant of numerous exhibitions and art performances

1986 grant of Soros Fund for the documentary The Voice‘

2017 publication of the anthology of contemporary art in Almaty (Арт атмосфера Алма Aты)

Some of her works:


Ablikim Akmullaev

Artist (contemporary and video art, painter), photographer, musician

Born 1965 in Alma-Ata

Since 1987, member of the underground art group The Green Triangle
1987-1995, author and participant in exhibitions of alternativ art
Since 2002, author of video art works, drummer in the group Bugarabu

Here some of  his works:


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ZITABL website
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ZITABL on facebook
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