Art Group 705 / Tворческая группа 705

Group 705_group portrait

Art Group 705 /Tворческая группа 705 located in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Contemporary art, experimental theatre and animation


Diana Rakhmanova
Malika Umarova
Talgat Berikov
Darina Manasbek
Marat R

Art Group 705 emerged on the basis of the Children’s Media Centre and with support of Art East in 2005. In 2014 together with STUDIO MUSEUM Group 705 participated in the organization of the First of April Contest. This is one of the key events in the field of contemporary art in Central Asia, which has become a tradition and is annually held since more than 15 years.

Group 705  also organizes “Meetings with artists”, a series of public meetings and talks with curators and artists who live and work in Central Asia. Subjects discussed are the history of art in Central Asian and interaction between artists on one side and government and big institutions on the other side.

Group 705 conducted the following performances:

2011  King of the Rats
2012  The Black Hole
2014  The Broken Glasses
2017  Lenin and Christ and others

and  implemented the following animation projects:

– How is this possible?
– Kitchen stories
– Invisible people and others

Participation in festivals:

2009 — International Street Theatre Festival «A Place in the City» (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)
2013 — International Documentary Film Festival on Human Rights «Bir Duino Kyrgyzstan-2013″ (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)
2017 — Asia Contemporary Art Week, FIELD MEETING Take 5: Thinking Projects (New York City, USA)

Further information:

Group 705 Website
Group 705 on Facebook

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