Bugarabu Group


Group of ethnic percussion instruments located in Almaty\Kazakhstan

Composition and performance of music for etthnic percussion instruments



Permanent Members since 1998:
Ablikim Akmullayev, Naiman Murataev, Yuri Leonov

BUGARABU was formed in 1998 to create music for percussion instruments. In its music performances it also uses various flutes, dijiridu etc. Its portfolio comprises five official albums, including the disc „Spiritual Meeting“ created together with Javad Aidaoui, the virtuoso pianist from the Kingdom of Morocco,  and the album „Sholpan“ (Venus) based on Kazakh folk songs  in their own interpretation, created together with the unique singer Venera Urazbekova .

In 2010 it was awarded the title of the Golden Artist.

The group is in constant search for new expressions and experiments.

BUGARABU is always in a stand-by condition and prepared to perform upon invitation. Many concerts were held not only in Kazakhstan, but also in other countries of the region, as well as in China.

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