Turan Ensemble / Turan Ethno Folk Band

The Turan Ensemble was found in 2008 by students of the National Kazakh Conservatory Kurmangazy in Almaty (Kasachstan). The ensemble consists of five members who have found their own way to play Kazakh folk music on traditional instruments such as Dombra, Kyl Kobyz, Zhetigen, Sybyzgy, Shankobyz.

Maksat Medeubek is also the author of the app «Kobyz book» with lots of information and illustrative material about the Kyl Kobyz and support for self-study of the Instrument.

Ensemble members are

Turan Ensemble
Turan Ensemble
  • Serik Nurmoldaev: Sybyzgy, Dombra
  • Maksat Medeubek: Kyl Kobyz
  • Bauirzhan Berkmukhanbetov: Dombra
  • Erzghigit Aliyev: Zhetigen
  • Abzal Arykbaev: Dombra, Throat singing

Ensemble „TURAN“ has been awarded in the «Creative achievements“ nomination 2018 as the „№1 CHOICE OF THE YEAR IN KAZAKHSTAN“!

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