Miramin Saidov

Usto Miramin Saidov is locacted in Istaravshan / Tajikistan.

Miromin-SaidanovBlock printing – Chitgari is a hereditary skill, which is passed down from generation to generation. Usto Miramins family is famous for this craft. He was born in Istaravshan, known for its artisans and craftspersons, and was raised around an eclectic community. His father was a hand block printer, Usto Sharofi, who learned the art from his own father Mirsaid. From a young age, he watched, learned and showed much appreciation and desire to learn the craft. As he grew into his position as a master craftsman, he also developed an appreciation for the natural and organic process, both sustainable and respectful of the environment around him. He quickly realised that this art, skill and craft is no longer in practice and therefore took on students and apprentices to pass on his legacy.


Chitgari, or hand block printing, has been part of the ancient traditions of the Tajik and Central Asian region for centuries. Due to the downfall of the Tajik textile industry, unfortunately, this tradition has been near-extinct. This artist has been taught by his father and grandfather as a youth, which has been passed down to them by their forefathers. This is the tradition of most artistry and crafts in Tajikistan. The love of the art is apparent and obvious in details and patterns created by such small blocks on such vast and large canvases. This artist is the only practising Chitgar (block printer) in Tajikistan.

Information and contact: Nigina Ikromi

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