Neo Ethno-Folk Band Arkaiym

The Arkaiym Ethno-Folk Group is located in Almaty (Kazakhstan)

The basic idea in founding this duo in july 2014 was the desire to create the sound of the ancient, archaic instruments in a completely new interpretation, to find new ways to play folk and ethnographic works and forms with a modern edge.

They are creating a synthesis of different music styles and using a wide range of 11181206_763707793727873_4541828695661436923_ntraditional archaic instruments – not only kazakh ones – which are rarely heard on international stages. The project members own more than thirty different folk music instruments from various ethnic groups like Sazsurnay, Kyl Kobyz, Shankobyz, Dombra, Pimak (Wind instrument of North American Indians), Didgeridoo and may others. Also both members master the most ancient type of singing, the throat singing which worlwide only few woman practise.

Music direction they partially cover are Dream-Pop, Easy Listening, Electro, Folk, Hard Rock, Jazz, Rock, New Age, Techno and House.

Group Members are:

Abzal Arykbaev
Anara Kasymova

Further information:

Neo-Ethno Folk Group Arkaiym Website
Neo Ethno-Folk Group Arkaiym on Facebook

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