Rouzi Tughulik

Rouzi is located in Tashkent / Uzbekistan but originally comes from a village of Ghulja / Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in Northwest China.

He comes from a family of musicians in the 5th generation. Members of his family have composed songs that are now well-known uyghur folk songs. His mother wrote poems which his fathter set to music.

IMG_4641He plays Tambur, Dutar and Sato.

Rouzi first learned music from his family, but also studied the Tambur in Urumqi. In 1989 he came to Tashkent, where he first worked at the Uzbek Philharmonie. Now he is a freelance artist.

He travelled extensively with the Sanam Ensemble as part of the Aga Khan Music Intiative.

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