Saule Suleimenova

The artist currently lives and works in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Saule Suleimenova graduated at the Faculty of Architecture of KazGASA with a degree in Design of Architectural Environment in 1996. She obtained Master of Arts (Painting) degree at the Kazakh National University of Arts, Kazakhstan, Astana in 2013

Scholarship holder of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan 1998.

Member of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan Youth Association since 1990 and member of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan since 1998.

 Projects and series of the artist:

„Kazakh Chronicle“ uses the technique of gratography, engraving on paraffin, the technique of „painting on photography“. In these works, the author explores the dialogue between the present and the past.

 „I’m Kazakh“ is a continuation of the „Kazakh Chronicle“ series, and is made in the technique of grattography and was based on photo archives.

 „Cellophane painting“, the works of this series are paintings made from plastic colored bags.

 “Somewhere in the Great Steppe” is a project that combines the brightness of monumental recycling (material – plastic bags) with the environmental problem of littering the endless Kazakh spaces with plastic.

 „Residual memory/ ostatochnaya pamyat'“ is dedicated to the tragic periods in the history of Kazakhstan: the famine of the 1930s, the Stalinist repressions, the suppression of the December events in 1986, moments depicted by using plastic bags.


Her works were exhibited in many countries like UAE, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Italy, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, France, England, USA and Portugal. 

Some of her works:

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