Silk Routes Quintet

„Silk Routes Quintet“ was initiated in 2016 in the recording studio of „Gurminj“ Museum of Music Instruments in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, by Samandar Pulodov, musician, composer, singer and art manager, together with Museum’s director Iqbol Zavkibekov, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. They joined forces with their renowned peers such as Davlatyor Gulomaydarov, bass and rhythm guitar player, and Zarif Pulatov, percussionist, both members of ethno-pop rock band “Shams”. This Project aims to bring ethnic fusion music from Tajikistan into Silk Routes Quintet-2.jpginternational scene to share its’ members’ inspirations on several levels. It is a research of graceful balance between natural harmony of Pamiri folk music and the original sounds, compositions and arrangements. “Silk Route Trance” highlights connections between Ismaili and Sufi traditions of Tajik Badakhshan and other mystical practices in music, using such instruments as Setor or Nye, getting inspiration from outstanding Persian poetry written by thinkers and mystics such as Mavlono Jaloliddini Rumi. Melodies and rhythms are mixed and melted into a complex and attractive alloy of various musical ideas from hidden corners of Asia projected into contemporary World music scene.

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