Tatyana Fadeyeva

She was born and is living in Tashkent / Uzbekistan.


1984-1996:  Republican Specialized Boarding School of Arts.
1997-2002:  National Institute of Arts and Design. K. Behzoda, Department of Theater and Decorative Painting, theater artist  (bachelor)
2002-2004:  Master’s degree as television artist at the National Institute of Arts and Design. K. Behzoda.


From 2004 to the present, senior lecturer at the National Institute of Arts and Design. K. Behzoda in Tashkent, department of theatrical – decorative painting.
Scenographer of more than 25 performances, production designer of 2 animated films.
Member of the creative association of artists of Uzbekistan.

Exhibitions and other activities:

2005 – installation “Messiah, alle op!”, Ilkhom Theater, Tashkent
2006 – author, organizer and participant of the project-exhibition of theater artists „Unfulfilled thoughts“, the Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan
2007- production designer of the animated film „Ark“, JSC „Uzbekfilm“
2007-2008 – set design for the performances “The Parable of the Granted Love”, “Nasruddin.love”, the Baltic House Theater, St. Petersburg
2009 – author, organizer and participant of the project and exhibition of contemporary art “Ab ovo-beginning”, the Palace of Youth Creativity of Uzbekistan*
2010 – personal exhibition of graphics, Ilkhom Theater, Tashkent
2010 – prize for the best conceptual project of the year, Republican Festival of Traditional and Contemporary Art „Navkiron Uzbekistan“, Youth Creativity Palace
2012 – participation in the exhibition „Ways – Roads“, Central House of Artists – 2012, Moscow
2013 – participation in the festival „From waste to art“, Baku, Azerbaijan
2013 – participation in the VII Tashkent International Biennale of Contemporary Art
2014- participation in the project “Crossroads Patterns” as part of the international project “Time Machine. Museums in the 21st century. ” Tashkent – Tbilisi.
2015 – Co-curator of the project of scenographers exhibition „Scenomagy“, Tashkent House of Photography
2017 – participation in the international exhibition „Korea – Uzbekistan“. Tashkent House of Photography.
2018 – participation in the international symposium of artists „ARTSCENOFEST“, Bukhara-Samarkand-Tashkent
2018 – participation in the Scenofest project, performance “Adoration of the Magi or Countdown, CEH, Tashkent
2018 – participation in the VIII Tashkent International Biennale, Tashkent
December 2018 – January 2019 – personal exhibition “Silent Confession”, Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan, Tashkent
March 2019 – participation in the exhibition „Habitat“, Tashkent House of Photography
March 2019 – participation in the project – exhibition dedicated to the International Women’s Day “Istanbul through the eyes of friends”, Turkey


Some of her works:












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