Temirov Feruz Umedovich


Located in Bukhara/Uzbekistan

Master of miniature painting, engraving, water colours and oil painting since 2003.

1994-99: Study at the State University of Bukhara at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music.

In the years of 2002 and 2009 he taught the miniature painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Bukhara State University

Temirov Feruz Umedovich creates characters of the plays by Navoi, Nizomiy Ganjaviy, Sadiy Sheroziy and Jomiy as a style of miniature.

He also works on the field of lac miniatures. He decorates chess boards and figueres, pencil cases and boxes with miniatures.

His miniature works achieved popularity not only in Uzbekistan but also abroad. His workshop in Bukhara is visited by tourists from all over the world as well as representatives of foreign embassies.

He has presented the Uzbek miniature painting at numerous exhibitions abroad:
„Inter Yuviler“in Sochi/Russia, 2016
„Ladiya-Zimnaya Skazka“ in Moscow, 2016 and 2017
„Euro Asia“ in St. Petersburg/Russia,
„Uzbek miniature“ in France, 2017
„Uzbekistan Days“ in Vienna/Austria 2019

Some of his works:

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Further information:

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