Tyva Kyzy Ensemble

Tyva Kyzy („Daughters of Tuva“) is the first and only women’s group in Tuva that performs all styles of Tuvan throat singing. This form of multiple tones harmonic singing has been practised mostly by men and was prohibited for women. Tyva kyzy dares to perform publicly this ancient art of singing in their own unique „feminine“ style. (Source „Website Tuva Kyzy“)

Ensemble members:

Choduraa Tumat
She was nominated as an Honored Artist of the Republic of Tuva by the government for developing of tuvan female Khoomei culture and presenting in the world as the artistic leader of the Tyva Kyzy Ensemble which is the only female folk ensemble performing throat singing. She is now an accomplished performer of the Tuvan throat singing in the following styles: Khoomei, Sygyt, Kargyraa, Ezenggileer and Chylandyk. Also she sings traditional folk songs and plays the natioal instruments Chanzy, Doshpuluur, Igil, Byzaanchy, Khomus and Chadagan. She graduated on Chadagan from the Department of National Instruments, Kyzyl College of Arts and from the East-Siberian State Academy, Faculty of Arts. Choduraa Tumat has been performing since 1998 when she founded Tyva Kyzy, participated in international festivals and won numerous awards. She works as a teacher of tuvan traditional music instruments and Khoomei at the Pedagogical College of Tuvan State University in Tuva.

Sholbana Belek-ool455A2154
She has been a singer with the group since 2004. Sholbana Belek-ool performs three styles of Khoomei (throat singing): Khoomei, Sygyt and Kargyraa. Khoomei she is performing since 1999. Also she plays the national instruments Igil, Doshpuluur, Khomus and sings traditional songs. She graduated from the Faculty of Printing, Moscow University, in 2005 and works now at the Tuvan Government as the Department Head of Social Department. She parcipated in many international festivals

Aylanmaa Damyrang
She has been a singer with the group since the creation. She was taught Khoomei by the famous throat singer Khunashtaar-ool Surunovich Oorzhak. Aylanmaa Damyan performs the following styles of Tyvan Khoomei: Khoomei, Sygyt, Borbangnadyr and Damyrak Borgangy. As well as  performing Khoomei she also plays the Tyvan national instruments Igil, Khomus and Doshpuluur. She won numerous prizes at international competitions. She works as a musician (Byzaanchy) in the Tyvan National Orchestra of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tuva.

455A2141.jpgAltynay Huurak
She began perferming with Tyva Kyzy as a musician in 2011. After graduating from the School of Fine Arts in Kyzyl she studied music at the Irkutsk Musik College (1994) and later graduated from East-Siberian State Academy, Faculty of Arts in 2008. Altunay Huurak plays  Chadagan, Chanzy and percussion instruments. She works as a music teacher at the Children’s Music School in Sukpak, a small village in the Kyzyl region.

Olcha Tumat
She began performing with Tyva Kyzy as a musician in 2011. After graduating from the Music College (1994) and later from the State University of Arts in Kemerova (Russia) Olcha Tumat now is a music teacher of Byzaanchy in Kyzyl’s music college at the department of tuvan traditional music instruments. She plays Byzaanchy and Khomus.

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