Dil – Suzani Boutique

The Suzani Boutique of Dilshod Abdulkhaev is much more than just a Suzani Shop.


Dilshod started to work with Suzani embroideries first in the Shah-i-Zinda complex in Samarkand where he was running a shop for 10 years after working as a guide there before. While working in the necropolis, he discovered his love of detail, which he continues while working with the Suzanis.

Later, he opened his current store on the Registan Square, which he has been running for 13 years now already. His philosophy is high quality and providing detailed knowledge of the symbolism of IMG_3717Suzani embroidery and their meaning to his customers. A Suzani is not only beautiful to look at, the embroidery is full of ancient symbolism, which Dilshod explains to his visitors enthusiastically and vividly. A visit to his shop is always a special experience.

Dilshods and Nafisas aim is to preserve and revive the old traditional motives and pattern of the Samarkand region. If you are interested in something special please contact in advance.

You find his shop in the Tilla Kori Medrese on the Registan Square.

Contact via KultEurasia or E-Mail