„The Magic of Nomads“

The band is located in Almaty/Kazakhstan

The Magic of Nomads is a Kazakhstani band which performs national and traditional Kazakh music with modern jazz arrangements. The band consists of several talented musicians whose passion for their work makes their inimitable sounds exemplary of the very best in ethnic music.

They recorded their first album, Bulbul Zaman, in the famous Abbey Road studio in London, the first time that Kazakh musicians had recorded there.

Band member are:

  • Gaziza Gabdrakhimova: Originator and leader of „The Magic of Nomads“, Kyl Kobyzthemagicofnomads
  • Renat Gaissin: Composer, arranger and producer
  • Valeriy Nasibulin: Bass Guitar and Double Bass
  • Victor Khomenkov: Jazz Pianist, various other instruments
  • Kurmangazy Kaliyev: Dombra
  • Zhalgasbek Iles: Wide range of folk music instruments, Throat Singing

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