A visit to Aigerim Bekkali and „OYANU Premium Art of Central Asia“

OYANU Art – Aigerim Bekkali

I was very curious to meet Aigerim Bekkali as there are some parallels in Aigerims and my own story. Aigerim said „It all started in the fall of 2018, when we started with the promotion of the Uzbek group of artists Eski Shahar – Dilorom Mamedova, Abdukhakim Karimov and Dilmurod Yuldashev.“

Dilorom Mamedowa

For me also a new chapter in my cultural work started with those artists. Before I was mostly focused on music, dance and handicrafts. But the paintings of Dilorom and Dilmurod touched me deeply when I saw them in facebook. I contacted both artists not even knowing that they are friends and closely working together. About one year later I went to an exhibition of Dilorom Mamedowa in the Autograph art gallery in Tashkent. I got to know that she and her partners Dilmurod Yuldashew and Abdukhakim Karimov are not only great artists but also great and charismatic personalities. Their works opened my eyes also for the fine arts.

But I wanted to talk about my visit to Aigerim Bekkalis gallery „OYANU  Premium


Art of Central Asia“ which is located in the AURORA space. AURORA space is not only a gallery but also an event location for several kinds of events.

„OYANU“ which means in kazakh language „awakening“ is the official name of Aigerims gallery and company for promotion of Central Asian art.

They sincerly believe that art originated in their countries will be able to awaken people and open their eyes to the beauty of what they have and who they truly are.

IMG_6409„OYANU“ also wants to open them to the world. As I mentioned at the beginning, everything started with the three uzbek artists from the Eski Sahar Group Dilorom Mamedowa, Dilmurod Yuldashev and Abdukhakim Karimov about half a year ago. In the meantime „OYANU“ is growing and they are presenting several talented artists of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

I am very glad to have met with Aigerim and believe it can be the starting point of a nice cooperation.



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