An inspiring meeting at „Art Studio Aysel“ in Samarkand

On my recent trip to Uzbekistan, in Samarkand I had the opportunity to make an appointment at „Art-Studio Aysel„, where I met Normurod Negmatov (curator at the Tashkent International Biennale of Contemporary Art 2018 and „Art-Studio Aysel“), Natalya Nikitina (Creative Fashion Designer at „Art-Studio Aysel“) and two young artists. I was very curious to learn more about their work and get to know them personally.

The gallery is located right in the center of Samarkand on the opposite side of Registan Square. It is the most creative and experimental art platform in Uzbekistan and focuses on three main themes: Fashion Design, inspired by traditional costumes and using national materials, Classical Art and Contemporary Art, not just painting, but also other artistic forms such as installations or sculptures and photography.

There is creativity in the air. They are real pioneers in their field with an amazing enthusiasm that you can feel as they speak about their work, ideas and future plans.

Fashion design:

They work with natural materials with emphasis on national silk for their innovative creations, which are inspired by traditional costumes. They use both, old and new materials and different types of treatments, new technologies, and old, half-forgotten methods. Also they include Suzani embroidery in their fashion creations.


Contemporary Art:

„Art Studio Aysel“ organizes exhibitions throughout Uzbekistan. Normurod Negmatov explains that an important part of his work is also to give young artists from smaller towns in Uzbekistan and rural areas the opportunity to develop their artistic work. In addition, they research for forgotten artists from earlier times.


For the future, we can well imagine joint projects. Soon, I will post a more detailed article on „Art Studio Aysel“ and the great and important work that they are doing as pioneers of modern art in Uzbekistan.

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